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  • Re-Action Tonic
    Re-action Tonic BDR

    Re-action Tonic – professional multi-active booster (100ml)

    70,00 €
  • Re-Vital Ph
    Re-vital ph BDR

    Re-vital PH optimizador de piel calmante pure harmonia care. (50ML)

    95,00 €
  • Re-charge
    Re-charge BDR

    Re-charge contour push up serum high-potential moisturizer. (50ml)

    84,00 €
  • Re- Construct
    Re-construct BDR

    Re-construct enriched nourishing formula ultimate skin care. (50ml)

    119,00 €
  • revital
    Re-vital BDR

    Re-vital balance care intense age control (50ml)

    83,00 €
  • Re-Move Ph
    Re-move Ph BDR

    This exceedingly light cleansing fluid from the Pure Harmony (PH)...

    66,00 €
  • Re-Lax 3
    Re-lax 3 BDR

    Re-lax 3 multiple level serum highly-potential youth elixir. (30ml)

    88,40 €
  • Re-Set 4D
    Re-set 4D BDR

    Re-set 4D 4 dimensional age-repair code eye and lip balm. 12ml.

    41,50 €
  • Re-Move
    Re-move BDR

    Re-move ultra cleanser is an absolutely 100% mineral oil and soap free...

    44,00 €
  • Re-Charge N
    Re-charge N BDR

    Re-Charge N hydro serum maximum skin energizer (50ml)

    80,00 €

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Re-construct BDR

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Re-construct enriched nourishing formula ultimate skin care. (50ml)

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Re-construct enriched nourishing formula ultimate skin care
This luxurious new Age Repair Serum is the most advanced on the market, offering exceptional treatment for very dry or sensitive skin. Specially combined peptides work in synergy with plant extracts to improve cell communication (with bdr’s Intensive Power Cell Complex), support stem-cell function, and target signs of premature ageing. Pamper your skin with this rich, velvety cream.
bdr Re-construct’s enriched nourishing formula combats the effects of extreme weather, central heating and air conditioning, keeping your skin protected and silky smooth. The molecular formula makes this the most innovative product in the bdr Medical range. Treat yourself to youthful skin with Re-construct!

  • DEFENSIL®: Phytosterols from the balloon vine prevents skin irritation and inflammation. The essential fatty acids of the Echium-extract protect and strengthen the skin barrier. Excerpts from sunflower oil are rich in skin-related phytosterols and vitamin E.
  • MATRYXIL / MATRYXIL 3000: A biomimetic synthetically produced peptide developed to promote collagen production and thereby strengthen the basic structure of skin tissue. Stimulates collagen synthesis and reconstructs the intercellular cross-linked network of supporting collagenous and elastin fibers. The functionality of the epidermis is restored. With regular use, a demonstrable and visible reduction in wrinkle depth, density and volume can be observed.
  • COLLAGENEER: Promotes the formation of type I collagen, helps prevents collagenosis and stimulates collagen synthesis. Tightens facial contours and promotes elasticity.
  • DERMAXYL: Dermaxyl is a highly effective biotechnologically produced active ingredient. It stimulates cell communication, skin renewal and promotes natural repair mechanisms. A gentle impulse stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin, resulting in tighter and firmer facial contours. It also strengthens the barrier function of the skin and improves its protective mechanisms.
  • CELLIGENT: Celligent is a natural antioxidant with UV absorbing properties. Neutralizing the oxygen radicals caused by UV radiation, it provides effective cellular and DNA protection against sunlight and the resulting oxidative stress. Promotes accelerated skin regeneration.
  • CUPUAÇU BUTTER: Found in the Amazon region of the Brazilian rainforest on a tree belonging to the cocoa plant family. The cupuaçu seed’s high content of essential fatty acids makes the butter so valuable for skin care. It strengthens the natural barrier function and reduces skin dehydration. The astonishing 240% water binding capacity provides outstanding emulsifying properties. The phytosterol content supports the regeneration of the skin barrier and is considered to soothe the skin and reduce redness.
  • AVOCADO OIL: Cold-pressed oil derived from the avocado fruit with a very high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin A, B, D, E and lecithin and phyto-sterols. Clinical studies have shown that avocado oil is more readily absorbed than most other oils. It’s unsaponifiable components make this oil very well tolerated. The natural oil is yellowish to red and effortlessly applied (spreads easily). Absorbs fast and seals in moisture. Wonderfully smoothing.
  • WHEAT GERM OIL: Wheat germ oil is extracted from the germ of the wheat kernel, creating a low viscosity, golden-yellow oil. It is particularly high in quality plant lecithin, vitamin E (255 mg/100g) and pro-vitamins A and D. The blood circulation of the skin tissue is promoted. Dry, rough skin becomes supple and velvety


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Re-construct BDR

Re-construct BDR

Re-construct enriched nourishing formula ultimate skin care. (50ml)